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Inter-university Laboratory for Research on the Teaching and Learning of Languages for Specific Purposes

The Lairdil is a team of some forty members carrying out research with the objective to better describe, analyse, and understand the processes of language acquisition and teaching in order to improve foreign language learning and teaching processes.

The research is structured around two language-based themes: "language teaching/learning in the context of the internationalization of knowledge" and "the emergence of specialized discourses in academic or professional contexts". The first theme addresses the links between languages, knowledge and didactics. The second theme is concerns with specialized discourses, as well as their expression in professional or academic environments. The team contributes to the perr-reviewed journal Foreign Language Learning and Teaching Research (FLLTR), also known as Études en Didactique des Langues (EDL) and in national and international projects such as Actilablang, Check Your Smile, DILAMI (Dispositif Langues Accueil Migrants) OULis (Observatoire de l'Usage des Langues en Entreprise), SWANS (Synchronised Web Authoring Notation System).

LAIRDIL is part of the ACTIHS committee (Human and Social Activities), one of the five committees of the University of Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier. The integration of LAIRDIL within the ACTISHS committee and in collaboration with other laboratories in the Humanities and Social Sciences provides institutional added value. In collaboration with the ALLPH@ Doctoral School (Arts, Letters, Languages, Philosophy, Communication), we welcome doctoral students from France and other countries.

LAIRDIL does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, disability, age, origin, parental language, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or religion.

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