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Fablang project

(from Fablab, a creative collaborative work space)

The FabLang / DEDALES (Emerging Didactics of Speech in Foreign and Second Languages) project is the result of a call for IDEX projects launched in 2014. It is a training framework designed to develop communication skills in languages, by means of role-playing / simulations such as debating in English. The video corpus of the debates conducted by learners is analyzed according to three approaches: gestures and emotions (non-verbal), speech (verbal) and task ergonomics. These studies are based on emergentist research.


Didactiques plurilingues et médiations culturelles
Appel à communication avant le 30 novembre 2018

Appel RPPLS n°2 Vol 38 : L’internationalisation des formations dans l’enseignement supérieur
Recherche et pratiques pédagogiques en langues de spécialité (30 octobre 2018)